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LampeBerger Parfum Berger

Herbe Fraiche 1L

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Description: Herbe Fraîche is an original creation by Maison Berger Paris. This fresh and natural fragrance unmistakeably evokes freshly cut grass. Luminous and pure, its flight is explosive and very green. Water flowers and violet add a touch of femininity and an aquatic facet. To complete the harmony, oak moss, cedar and precious wood come together to create a warmer bed and give this new fragrance the layers of a true olfactory composition. Perfume secret: The word “grass” evokes a green-coloured plant. But we cannot extract the odour from grass, which is why the “cut grass” note, which reproduces the sweet and powerful green note of freshly cut damp grass, is made in a laboratory. Discovered in 1959, cis-3-Hexen-1-ol exists naturally in many plants. In perfumery, the molecule, used in small doses, strengthens the vegetal character of fragrances, adds greenness to a floral bouquet, refreshes a woody accord or gives clear character to fragrances. Expert tip: For lovers of lush nature, Herbe Fraîche is the ideal fragrance! You loved giving your home a light scent of spring, now you can prolong this olfactory experience up to 160 hours thanks to the 1L Herbe Fraîche fragrance. Don’t forget to wash your wick with Neutre Essentiel before trying this new olfactory journey; it will make the experience even more unique. The fragrance: A green and aquatic Home Fragrance. Top notes: Cut grass, green leaves. Heart notes: Water flowers, violet, galbanum. Bottom notes: Cedar, precious wood, oak moss. Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.
Capacity 1L
Length of diffusion 40h diffusion - 160 hours of fragrance
SKU 116185