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LampeBerger Parfum Berger
Elegant Parisienne 1L

Elegant Parisienne 1L

Elegant Parisienne 1L

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The essence of a happy woman in love, a scent full of floral freshness with a warm and tender heart. Elégante Parisienne subtly honours a classic in perfume-making: gardenia. As its delicate fruit notes fade, its majestic floral heart comes to the fore. The woody notes with a slight hint of vanilla prolong the velvety, creamy gentleness of the white flowers, to give a simple, discrete lingering note. A beautiful fragrance that celebrates 120 years of Maison Berger.


Perfume secret :

Elégante Parisienne is a blend based on a classic in perfume-making: gardenia. Gardenia is a small bush with highly scented white flowers. Originating from China, the gardenia grows in sunny temperate climates. Although it has a naturally rich, sweet scent, it cannot be captured using distillation techniques and therefore has to be reproduced using a meticulous combination of several other fragrances. This majestic flower is primarily used in luxury women's fragrances where it adds a bold touch. 

Expert tip :

Can't get enough? Prolong this fragrant experience for up to 160 hours with the 1L format of Elégante Parisienne. Remember to clean your burner with So Neutral before trying this new fragrance, so that you can enjoy its elegance to the full.

The fragrance :

A floral sensual Home Fragrance.

Top notes: Raspberry, peach.

Middle notes: Gardenia, rose, violet, clove.

Base notes: Patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, white musks, oakmoss.

Ingredients: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol

Capacity 1L
Length of diffusion 40h diffusion - 160 hours of fragrance
SKU 116183